Brighter people

OK, so we’re an odd looking bunch, but we’re young(ish), friendly, hard working, innovative and experienced.

Together we suggest, develop and challenge ideas, highlight improvements and implement changes.

Have a nosey around below and say hello to the Brighter team - hover over the faces to see what we’re really like and click to connect

Robin Williams

Founder and CEO aka ‘The Boss Man’

Robin is a real foodie and has always worked in the healthier food sector. With well over 15 years experience, he wanted to create a business that concentrated on Quality, Service and Innovation by bringing together a great group of people. When  he's not looking after his selection of pigs, sheep and chickens, he can be found on his Honda motorbike trying to keep within the speed limits!


Andy Willis
Finance Director aka ‘The Chancellor’

Andy has always worked with food and although he’s more recently worked in snacking, he’s also worked in bread, cakes and other lovely sweet treats. Andy makes sure that nothing is missed and makes us count everything, twice, to make sure it’s correct! In his spare time Andy loves being in the great outdoors walking and cycling in and around Snowdonia.



Lynn Regan
Development & Innovation Director aka ‘Queen of Innovation’

Lynn has been creating and developing snacks for over 25 years and loves nothing more than a new challenge to push the boundaries. Keeping ahead of the market is second nature and Lynn's strength is to ask ‘why not?’ and find a solution to back it up. Outside of work, Lynn enjoys walking the dog (inspiration time) and sipping a ‘Brandy in hand’ (great ideas come out of this too).



Carwen Jones   
Head of Technical aka ‘The Checker’

Carwen is our resident control freak. She makes sure that what we make is safe to eat and exactly as the customer wants it. With over 15 years experience there’s nothing that gets past her. Outside of work though, she's a different animal, enjoying fun time with the family.


Gavin Wagstaff
Head of ICT and Supply Chain aka ‘The Techie’

Gavin is our in house geek (with personality!) He makes everything IT and Systems', simple and workable so that the rest of us can get the best out of the business. With over 15 years experience in IT and Stock Control, even Gavin's kitchen cupboards are based on 'first in, first out'. Outside of work Gavin becomes a DJ, a dedicated father and a mad mountain bike fanatic.


Sam Williams
HR Director aka ‘The Fixer’

It’s Sam’s job to make sure that Team Brighter is fully staffed, trained, healthy and happy, and that everyone has fun while they’re working hard. Sam also does the wages, so everybody is nice to her! When Sam gets five minutes peace, (which isn’t often), she loves to pamper herself and tries to escape to the spa whenever she can!



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